Poet ~ Performer ~ Underdog

Nolan Blair is a New York-based artist and native of Houston, Texas. As a young gun in Texas, he was mentored by writer and poet, Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate (Surfing Magazine, Story|Houston) who instilled in him his first passion - writing. From there Nolan attended Texas State University and completed his BFA in Theatre (Performance and Production) honing both crafts of writing and acting in order to tell stories a few different ways. 

Following graduation, Nolan went on to study with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. Since, he has acted with multiple Texas-based theater companies including Theatre Synesthesia, Aztec Economy, and The Bard's Men. Most recently, Nolan has taken his Southern drawl to New York City where he is currently trying to "hit it big." (His words, not mine).

Outside of auditioning and shmoozing in New York, Nolan hosts the  podcast Just Listen to Yourself, models, attempts to make strangers laugh each day, and attends punk rock shows. His ultimate goal is to somehow blend all of those into one. 

Currently, Nolan is working on an undisclosed film project which will feature both his acting and writing.